Pav Rao



Macmillan Evidence Research Showcase

Macmillan's 2016 Evidence Showcase highlights the breadth of research Macmillan provides. The creative task was to create installations that bring the research to life.

Internal staff posters


This was a poster to get staff to be even more vigilant with the confidential information they handle.


An internal poster for Dying Matters' Awareness Week to advertise a talk for staff about the discounted will writing service on offer. The poster was based on the insight that, as it was during lunchtime, people may be more interested in getting some food.


The brief for this internal poster was to tackle the misconception by some Macmillan staff that when we talked about 'Macmillan professionals' we were just talking about nurses.


Internal poster to raise awareness about the new consent statement, which has a larger font size and aims to make it clearer to supporters what information they will or won't be contacted about.


We were asked to design a poster to raise awareness of data protection, security and reputational risk. We thought that using the founder, Douglas Macmillan, would be an eye-catching way of doing this.


This internal poster was designed to let staff know about the learning and development opportunities available within the charity. Our solution to the brief was to use the well-known face of our CEO, Linda Thomas, and her position as someone to aspire to.

Press ad


Press ad in The Guardian to get people interested in gifts in wills.

Digital ads


This was used on the Macmillan website to encourage men working outside to find out more about their risk of getting skin cancer.


This was an appeal on the homepage to get people to donate so that we could provide more Macmillan Centres.


I was involved in the creation of two 'empathy eCards' that are available at

This video ran on Instagram to promote them and uses one of the eCards I wrote as its basis.



Tote bag, available via


Travel card holder, available via


Coaster, available via